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Mon, May 27, 2019 09:51
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Week of 24 September 2018: Management, Sex and Mayhem, Part 4

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Last week we talked about harassment and one-sided fantasizing. We did not call it one-sided fantasizing, but that is what it was.

Our last topic in this series is going to be relationships that start at work. In this case, both parties are willing participants. I think modern communications systems have made these easier to do. Email, texting and so forth are far easier than putting "personal and confidential" notes in internal mail systems. Modern communications are also far easier to trace, too--email and texting leaves a trail that others can find (such as your spouse's lawyer).

Something happens and there is a spark between two people. Like the one-sided fantasizing, it is magical, and even better (ha!), both parties are participating. The sun comes up every morning, it never rains, we whistle while we work, life is great.

Don't fool yourself or selves. This can not and does not last. We can all put on a façade for a short period of time, but every human is eventually unmasked. Your underlying personality comes to the surface and sometimes its manifestation is very ugly.

Where this is more dangerous than the one-sided fantasy, which was plenty dangerous in and of itself, is this: someone else has the goods on you. If, in the happy days, for instance, you confided to your lover how you always manage to cheat on your expense reports by $50 or so and show them how to do it, you are toast. You have no idea when they are going to pull that little goody out of the hat and use it against you.

Or, let's say you two end up taking this to the altar. Over a lifetime, alimony and child support can easily reach $500,000 - $1,000,000 plus your jilted spouse's legal fees, which you will pay up front. Let me state this another way, this is 13 to 15 nicely equipped Corvettes. Don't laugh at the 45-year-olds who are driving a new Corvette--they have done the math.


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I am here to inform you most things don't, long term, end up being the sparkly-eyed adventures they seem to start out to be. This goes for your job, your affair, and many, many other things in life. Even that new Corvette loses its luster.

Sex is a powerful concoction in our bodies. It is a combination of emotions in our brains and chemicals produced by our bodies. It embodies not only the present, but what we learned growing up and what we see in society daily. We are sexual beings. Once we realize this and spend time reflecting on what this means and how we should use it, we can be more responsible people at work and at play.

For work, and I have mentioned it a couple of times in this series, there is a very simple test to tell when our sexual thoughts are getting us in trouble. Again, it is simply this: if the actions we are taking at work or the actions we are taking with our coworkers outside the workplace do not pass the test of helping spin our employer's invoice printer, they are very suspect and need a thorough examination. You may want professional help, you may have a trusted friend, or you may be able to quietly, alone, sorting things out and heading down the path of success, not destruction. Just remember what may seem thrilling at one moment, will never stay thrilling for all time.

For safety this week, I'll repeat what Casey Kasem always said when he signed off each week from his syndicated radio show, "America's Top 40": "Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars." Good advice at any time.

Be safe and we will talk next week.


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