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Wed, Feb 28, 2024 17:40
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Push your chair in...

Lots of comments last week...

It drives me nuts when people leave a conference room littered with trash and chairs tossed about and the lights on etc. Worse is the kitchen. I hope I set a good example for all and fight against the "it isn't my job" attitude.

I always have, including other chairs I find out of place. Oddly enough, I have been asked more than once If I have some kind of OCD issue. I'm saving your blog for tonight.

I automatically push my chair back under the table. The only time I really think about it is when I look to see what pig left his chair out and his 1/2 filled coffee cup and the morning report where he was sitting.

Fascinating..I agree with the connection to responsibility.

I never thought about chair pushing in terms of class entitlement. But I certainly associate littering with that. An idea that resonates with me is that the lowest form of creature is that which expects others to clean up his messes. That also applies to doing his work.

When getting up from a table or desk, pushing your chair in is also perceived as respectful.

Agree with your comments, responsibility in small things earns responsibility in large ones. Now what about the major failing in so many organisations today responsibility without the necessary authority? Authority with the bean-counters and not with the guys who know the job.

Heck, I even do it when I get up from a slot machine at the casino.

It is a habit that developed from doing as my mother taught me 60 years ago.

Visitors and customers that come to my company use these rooms and I want to them to look neat. Erase that white board too!

I guess it is part of upbringing...I can remember my dad's attitude about borrowing something from a neighbor. He said that you always need to return it in as good or better condition than when you got it. If it was lawn mower, fill up the gas tank and sharpen the blade before you return it. That way, the next time you want to borrow something chances are much better that you will be welcomed with open arms. Too bad more people don't have this kind of attitude.

It seems so normal and logical to do so. Reading the article made me smile, because I never thought about the relationship between pushing in your chair and responsibility. However, reading the article gave a recognition and did make the relation seem very reasonable

Yes, I think about it because I, too, observe others who do not - personal habits are very telling toward professional performance.

I will now! I like your comment about responsibility and being willing to do what you ask others to do. My oldest daughter's high school swim coach was Dan Ketchum, an engineer at GE who won an Olympic Gold Medal swimming with Michael Phelps on a relay team. The team tee shirts had a quote from Dan on the back, "I'll never ask you to do anything I haven't done myself." - Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Ketchum. (Jeff Reese)

I also pick up trash, scrap, and even small pieces of broke I see laying around. You need to walk the talk and demonstrate the level of performance you expect of others.

I was brought up to be mannerly and to put things back where I found them, so I push the chair back without having to think about it and decide whether to do it - same thing goes for "thank you", "yes/no sir/ma'am" etc. I was also brought up and trained that "the job isn't done until the tools are put away."


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