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Tue, Jun 18, 2024 02:13
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Jesse Jackson, Jr. and the AF & PA


George Mead

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin USA



Todays column on Jesse Jackson Jr. and the AF&PA is right on.  Why anyone in Congress doesn't know what has happened to our industry is a mystery.  Up here in Canada, our Members of Parliament sure know but only the ones with mills in their ridings really care.  Unfortunately city folk just don't seem to understand how much the forestry and pulp and paper industry brings to our economy - or at least used to.

On another track, are you aware that the new issue of The Paper Calculator has just been released by a coalition of environmental groups - see  Now folks can use it to see how really evil our industry is for using virgin fiber.  For fun, I entered 1 ton per year of Uncoated Freesheet with no recycle content and found that I had used 4 tons of wood to produce it.  What they do not tell the average Joe is that the 4 tons is green weight and includes a lot of water.  I wonder if they have a calculator for the amount of wood used in housing as green wood would make for an interesting building.

Bob Hurter
Ottawa, Canada


Hear hear!


Hear hear


A shout of acclamation or agreement.


Originated in the British parliament in the 18th century as a contraction of 'hear him, hear him'. It is still often heard there although it is often used ironically these days.

Larry Wells

Atlanta, Georgia USA


Great point, Jim !!!!!

Posted by Peter A. Pugh


Good comments Jim.

Linda Robertson

St. Charles, Illinois USA


I couldn't agree with you more, Jim. A colleague and I have had multiple conversations about this over the last several weeks. Right now, the paper and print industries are under attack by companies like Apple and those affiliated with the technology. People want to be "green" and get rid of paper, for what reason? In my thoughts, they do this because they can and not because they're is a need for it. Through marketing and advertising companies have made it "cool" and convinced people that being paperless is green. Paperless is "great" for companies like banks because it helps raise their bottom line, and give XYZ CEO a bigger quarterly bonus. But, honestly, what is the NEED for to become paperless. Being Green, as we know it in the paper industry, is a bogus claim. Where are the ad dollars to combat and fight back against the attack on the paper industry, and it is an attack to which we've come up with no retaliation. I agree; where is AF & PA on this? Where are the trade organizations fighting for the survival of the paper industry?

Posted by Jay A. DeSimone, MBA



You restore my faith in the fact that leaders with common sense who possess the ability to utilize everything within the box as well as explore outside the box, continue to exist.  I could only hope that if for some reason I should have to repeat life on earth, that I would have the opportunity to work under your leadership.  The pulp & paper industry has afforded me the honor of working with a truly great leader, Mr. Mike Cline, now retired, and I only wished that I discovered this industry sooner.  Throughout all of your articles I detect so many of the same qualities and thought processes, but what I truly admire is your bluntness, to the point, but not demeaning or ego driven; plain old fashioned common sense logic.  Maybe my personality is a touch tweaked, but I think we need more leaders with these qualities.  


If you ever have absolutely nothing to do, and your mind needs an entertaining challenge, I think many people would truly enjoy seeing you put together a "paper mill dream team", identified from the Mill Manager to the lowest paid position; not by name, but by character traits and personality types.  Something to dwell on in your spare time.  Do I detect a chuckle?

Best regards- 

Cindy Davis

Memphis, Tennessee USA


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