Week of 11 November 2019: Sources of Innovation

Jim Thompson

Week of 11 November 2019: Sources of Innovation | Nip Impressions, Jim Thompson, quality, industry, safety, energy, environment, innovation,

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Many years ago, when I purchased a motorcycle, I wanted the equivalent of a "cruise control" for it. I shopped around and found this clever little mechanical device that fits on the right handlebar and gently locks the accelerator into position. With the flick of a handy little lever, you could turn it off. My cousin, a machinist, saw this and said, "I can copy that." I didn't let him. I think inventions should belong to the originator in perpetuity (I think we should still be paying royalties to the descendants of the inventor of tables and chairs--marvelous inventions in and of themselves).

At least that is the way I used to think. Since we have been in the publishing business, we have chosen to take the creativity we can originate or that is in the public domain and do our best to bring it to you at little or no cost. I wanted to take at least one column here to share these sources with you, for despite our constant publicity of these, I still run into people that are unaware of them.

The first source, of course, is right here where you are right now--the original Nip Impressions column that comes out fresh and new every Thursday. It is eighteen years old this month--that's over 900 columns!

You may not think of it this way, but our documentation of risks and safety issues in the industry can be a source of inspiration for those of you focused on these issues. These archives are maintained on PaperMoney in the top section of the right-hand column. We have documented every risk we have found worldwide since 2017. This may be a list of what not to do, but that can help you decide how to prevent these asset and human losses in your own facility.


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We have several newsletters that are nothing but sources of innovation: Capital Arguments, Industree 4.0, and Advertising Arguments come to mind. Our sister organization, the Light Green Machine Institute, has a monthly offering that is dedicated to forward thinking about the mill of the future.

Our advertisers, found throughout our publications and easily found on the Paperitalo Supplier Directory depend on thrilling you with their innovations in order for them to succeed. We are particularly proud of our advertisers and think they offer some of the best innovation in their respective fields that we have ever seen.

On LinkedIn, you'll find Talotech. This unique groups have been in existence for over half a decade and provide a forum for you to delve into your particular area of interests, from stock prep to finishing to recovery boilers and much, much more.

Then there are our books. These are found at "press nip impression" on Amazon.com (these are not free, but they are low cost). Many of the aforementioned Nip Impressions columns are found in the "Raising EBITDA: The Lessons of Nip Impressions" (volumes 1 to 5). You'll also find "The Lazy Project Engineer's Path to Excellence" (over 1,000 copies are in the field), "Personalities in the Pulp and Paper Industry" (our best-selling book), "Paperitalo's Pretty Good Pulp & Paper Mill Directory" (5 regions) and many more.

Finally, don't have time to read? There are great programs full of ideas on Pulp & Paper Radio International. For ideas, start with the Management & Technology Show.

For our readers we have two jobs at Paperitalo Publications: (1) deliver the news first and (2) provide low cost innovation inspirations. We think we do these pretty well, but if you have any ideas on how we can do either of these jobs better, let us know.

For safety this week, I'll encourage you to look at the Risks department I mentioned above. You just may find a risk for which you have not prepared.

Be safe and we will talk next week.


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