Roseburg announces indefinite layoffs at Dillard facility in Oregon

	 Roseburg announces indefinite layoffs at Dillard facility in Oregon | Roseburg Forest Products, closure, layoffs,

OREGON (News release) -- Continued unfavorable conditions in the North American plywood market prompted the indefinite layoff of approximately 90 employees at the Roseburg Forest Products softwood plywood plant in Dillard, Oregon, on August 2, 2019.
Roseburg was able to extend immediate job offers to approximately 50 of the affected employees for roles at the company's other wood products plants in Dillard and Riddle, Oregon. The remaining affected employees will be considered first for positions at other company facilities as openings occur.
"After waiting for months for markets to improve, we have reached the point where a layoff is necessary to better match supply with weakened demand," said Senior Vice President of Operations Jake Elston. "Slow housing starts, imported plywood, and increased competition from OSB manufacturers are all driving the imbalance in the market. This is an unfortunate but necessary step toward preserving the long-term viability of our plywood business."
Operations at other Roseburg facilities, including plywood plants in Riddle and Coquille, Oregon, will continue as usual.

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